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Byron Foxx has come a long way.

His love for music of all kinds has always been a big part of who he is. His journey from simply a music lover to a music maker has had a few turns and bumps along the way. If you had of told him 15 years ago that he was on the verge of finishing his first original album he would have called you crazy, that surely you were thinking of his brother. His brother was the talented guitarist. Yet here we are. Byron became a DJ first, getting his first gig at a DJ competition. While he did not progress far, he got the taste for more.

Fast forward to now and his resume includes many residencies at respected clubs, headlining parties locally, interstate and internationally with many loyal fans of his sets.

For Byron though, his thirst was not quenched. He had a wealth of creative thoughts dying to get out. It’s with this his production journey began in 2005. After learning the basics of the craft he secured his first release on respected New York label Peaches Music, with Revenge of the Cantina. It both sold and was received well.

To date Byron is known for house music. However his roots are in many styles and this is reflected in his debut original album. Byron says he is always looking to learn more, to create music from the heart, with meaning and to share it with others. The album might be a surprise for many people who follow Byron for his house music exploits, but not to those who know him well.



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