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Code Luke Aka Cody Edmonds is your typical music enthusiast that has a not so average love for music, mainly due to his appreciation for all styles of music, respecting quality as well as individuality in one. Code Luke was un-intently influenced by his peers with old school lounge and plenty of swing jazz classics that gave him unknowingly an appreciation for groove, his love for classic house music, live house music and instrument solos “especially bass” became apparent when he began producing music, with releases on Beatdown Music and Dustpan Recordings and more in the pipeline, his production style is un-biased and incorporates anything from vocal, jacking, tech, funky, house and soul, this is also evident in his DJ Ability, as reading the crowd is something he values the most. Dividing his time between his production and DJing, Cody is also Director/Manager of Get Moist Records.



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