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Héctor Morán, began his musical career in 98’s, in the city of San Salvador, quickly becomes a local reference of the House and Deep House in his city, with much effort he begin playing in many clubs and bars, the most exclusive in El Salvador, Central and South America, Alongside his trademark sound, Hector Moran gives an amazing feeling mixed with the genuine enthusiasm of a true house music lover. His thumping transitions and heart-racing sets send listeners into overdrive, revealing the very core of house, soul and techno, while hitting on just what makes these genres so exciting also his versatility when playing and his sophisticated taste and mix of styles makes him a world level dj/producer.

He has played in some of the most importants venues in Central America & USA, sharing decks & stage with djs from longstanding and well known career as: Benny Benassi, K.E.E.N.E, Ninetoes, Dance Spirit, Paul Rich, Soulclap, Rebekah, Alexis Cabrera, Loud Neighbor, Ramon Tapia, Manuel de la Mare, Mobius Strum, Dorian Chávez, Xpansul, Camea, Robert Babicz, Hollen, Coyu, Mendo, Stefano Noferini, Green Velvet, Butch, Dosem, Harvey Mckay to name a few...

Hector has played in several venues & festivals aroud the world as: Chepe Joven (cr), Pulhanation (hon), Magma Fest (nic), Semana de Musica Avanzada (gua), Full Moon Fest (nic), SXSW Conference & Festivals (atx), Gobernors Ball (nyc), Praia Urbana (htx) Miller Music Tour 2013 (nyc), Capitol Records (nyc), STK Rooftop (nyc), Provocateur (nyc), PHD Lounge (nyc) Spy Bar (Chicago) Do Not Sit on the Furniture (miami) to name a few...

Owner & Director of his record label called Beatamin Recordings, A House/Tech House Record Label based in Houston TX, since 2013. His music has been signed in some of the most importants & tops labels as: Monique Speciale, 303lovers, Hotfingers, Something Different Again, Platform 7even, TIP TAP, High Pressure Music, Not For Us, Soulman Music, The Pool House, Danzon, Denied Music, Retune Music & LNM Music to name a few. His music has a constant support from djs as: Jey Kurmis, Heartthrob, Ramon Tapia, JP Chronic, Sante Sansone, Harry Romero, charting & playing his & playing his tracks.



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