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DJ Masami Makino was born in Tokyo in 1965. He made his debut at ”TSUBAKI HOUSE of SHINJUKU” in 1984. Thereafter, he performed in a number of clubs such as “TAMATSUBAKI/ROPPONGI”, “TOOLS BAR/NISHIAZABU”, “ODEON/ROPPONGI”, “CAVE/SHIBUYA” during the 80’s and 90’s as well as his own venue “MILOS GARAGE/SHINJUKU” which has left a mark as a legendary club in Japan.

As a DJ and producer, he created the group “INNER CITY JAM ORCHESTRA”; producing the big hit “WE GOT THE LOVE” which continues to be a hit today. In 2001, he became music director at “SONORA/ROPPONGI” bringing his musical taste to the venue til it’s closure in November 2013.

As of today, Masami Makino is known as a pioneer DJ and producer who has laid the clubbing scene of Japan. Currently, he musical genres focuses more on Funky, Electro Swing and jackin’ house infused with Latin rhythms.

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