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MrSee, a prominent figure in the Northern Irish underground music scene, has established himself as both a skilled DJ and prolific producer. With over two decades dedicated to his craft, MrSee's journey began in the local club circuit, where he honed his skills and built a reputation for delivering dynamic sets.

His music production journey has been marked by releases on esteemed labels such as Robsoul Recordings, Odour Recordings, Dustpan Recordings, Guesthouse Music, and Cross Sesction Music, among others. Each release showcases his distinctive blend of underground house vibes, earning recognition and plays from top DJs worldwide.

Throughout his career, MrSee has graced the stages of Northern Ireland's premier venues, including Lush, Shine, Stiff Kitten, Mono, and Yello, where he continues to captivate audiences with his infectious energy and expertly curated soundscapes.

Inspired by the likes of DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, DJ Heather, Chris Simmonds, Derrick Carter, and Hector Moralez, MrSee's music embodies the essence of classic house with a modern twist. His dedication to staying true to his sound while evolving with the industry has solidified his place as a respected figure in the global house music community.






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