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Born on the bonnie seashore of Aberdeen Scotland, with just over 2 decades of burning desire and an underlying dedication for sun-kissed music, Scott’s past, present, and future is to create shining colorful beach beats that will captivate and inspire all walks of life.

At a very early age, Scott’s obsession with the more soulful side of music was subconsciously implanted after raiding his Fathers tape and CD collection and listening to the likes of James Brown, Kool and the gang & The Jackson 5. He was the first person standing in line at his local youth club just so he could play records and learn the art of DJ mixing and music production, from that moment in time Scott would dedicate his life and soul to learning the craft.

Scott has learned to accomplish his dreams through music and decided to create a collective brand The Sunchasers. The Sunchasers is a representation of the music style Scott creates, with the overall objective that it portrays his audience.

In 2011 Scott’s first release Elementary Watson was signed to US-based label Openbar music and unexpectedly hit the traxsource top 100 in the first week of sales, from that day on he has been continuously feeding the consumers with successful top shelf music and regular releases on labels such as, Papa Records, King Street sounds, Rhemi Music, Dutiche Music, La Musique Fantastique, Dee CF to name just a few. Scott has achieved many successes that include the likes of Pete Herbert and Scott Diaz remixing his music to being included in the traxsource top 100 artists in 2014, as well as various top 10 releases and even a number 1 traxsource hit.

Scott holds various DJ residencies across his now home city of Singapore that include Potato Head, W Hotel, and Tanjong Beach Club. He has also had the pleasure of conveying his sun-kissed soulful music to a worldwide audience which includes various clubs in countries like Brasil, Spain, Thailand, Italy.

This true family man with 2 decades of music experience under his sunglasses, is destined to create amazing new opportunities that seem to appear like rays of sunshine on a hot summer’s day.



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