Artist Spotlight – Taank Moog

Dustpan Recordings signs new South African artist, Taank Moog who is scheduled to release an EP on the label this March. Accompanied by his recent mix, we sat down with him and asked him a few questions.

What is your most memorable experience DJing/Producing?

J-fader, Tommy Largo, Delgado, Kian T, Opolopo, Ed The Spread

Why do you think your fan base is so loyal to you and your sound?

I think it’s because I create unique sounds in my music

Look out for _____________________ (i.e. new releases, remixes, shows etc.)

Look out for more music releases, remixes, gigs/shows and more international collaborations

How did you become a DJ?

I started producing music and learnt how to DJ after

What goes on in your mind when you are DJ-ing?

I basically enjoy myself when I DJ and I also think about the flow of the music based on the response from the crowd

Is there a ‘musical message’ you try to get across during your sets?

Dance like nobody is watching

Aside from music, tell our fans something they don’t know about yourself – ie hobby? weird proclivities?

I do graphic designs as well besides creating music and DJ-ing

Who are your mentors and/or what inspires you and your music?

J-fader, Tommy Largo, Delgado, Kian T, Opolopo, Ed The Spread and Kane Ian

What do you find most challenging about the music business today?

Music piracy

What’s the “best thing in life” in your opinion?

To be able to do what I love

Favorite city to perform?

New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Cape Town, Ibiza, LA, Chicago etc…

Craziest fan encounter?

I had people come up to tell me that there are no producers in South Africa producing the music that I do

Young artist you are impressed by?


Music you listen to when you’re at home?

Jackin, Deep House, Garage, Tech-House & Lounge

Any final words of wisdom and/or advice for our audience?

To keep buying music and support what we do