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Dustpan Recordings interviews artists and related DJs by asking them 10 questions. Taking time out with his busy production schedule, we speak to Italian DJ/Producer, CCO, who is set to release his latest EP on Dustpan Recordings later this year.


How did you get into House music?

It started when I was little and my uncle owned a club and I would take his records to listen at home. It was the period when Italian house music was popular around the world. I was very young when I started being a DJ, and it has always been my dream to bring Italian house music to the masses.

What’s the current scene like in Italy?

Electronic music in Italy is at it’s highest point in some places for example.. in Rome , Naples, Torino and Milan, in Sicily where I live it is not as popular, there are not many of us producing house and electronic music, we all know one another and we’re pretty close.

Where do you find your inspiration?

The philosophy, music is the best way to communicate with people in this world that’s moving so fast.

What do you use for production, and what are some of your favorite gear or plugs?

Still to this day I use analog instruments like mpc 500, recording software I use Sonar, I prefer not to use synthesizer plug-ins. If I’m in need of a synthesizer, i’ll try to find one or I’ll borrow it from friends. For Live Instruments, a Violin for example, I would go to a Music Conservatory and record it off from a Sessionist. I still prefer the sound of an analog.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about producing and arranging a track?

Today, anyone can produce a track. To me, what’s important is the significance and meaning in writing it.

Today, anyone can produce a track. To me, what’s important is the significance and meaning in writing it.

Number one production tip?

Billie Holiday Strange Fruit

Who are some of your favorite producers right now?

My neighbor, Vincenzo Bellini.

What are you currently working on, and what can we expect in the coming months?

I just work for one Ep on What What Records “Halle/Germany” (The Monkey Safary’s Label). I also just work for an Ep for 4Kenzo “UK”(the Mastiksoul’s label) and my second album for Vinyl Pusher “Australia”, in the next months will release a vinyl on What What records, and thanks to Kane Ian this beautiful release on this beautiful label Dustpan Recordings “Singapore”, I hope my fans will like all the songs on the EP.

Who is your favorite DJ and why?

Larry Levan and any sensible person would say his name.

If you were stuck on an deserted island with only one track or song to listen to on your iPod, which would it be and why?

Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini singing by Maria Callas because reminds me a lot of beautiful things.

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