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Artist Spotlight – Sam Tyler

Get to know Sam Tyler.

Sam Tyler - Dustpan Recordings

What is your most memorable experience DJing/Producing?

I would say when I traveled to Philly last summer and got to play a couple gigs with the Emby crew. One was at this little DIY party in a park that had a clear view of the city’s skyline. Super heady.

Why do you think your fan base is so loyal to you and your sound?

Cuz I spit hot fiya. But in all honesty, as far people who are loyal to my sound goes, I’m more appreciative of those who believed in me enough to either put out a track or give me a gig.

Look out for _____________________ (i.e. new releases, remixes, shows etc.)

The weekly event that I’m a part of, called Open House, just moved to wednesday’s at Evil Olive, which is one of the premier house venues in Chicago.

How did you become a DJ?

It was because of a video game, believe it or not. There was this game back in the day called Jet Grind Radio, and it had this crazy soundtrack full of obscure electronic music. It was my first real exposure to that kind of underground sound. From there I kept exploring the genre and eventually bought a couple CDJs and a mixer. The rest is history.

What goes on in your mind when you are DJ-ing?

“Who can I ask to grab me another beer…”

Is there a ‘musical message’ you try to get across during your sets?

Underground is life.

Aside from music, tell our fans something they don’t know about yourself – ie hobby? weird proclivities?

I’m double jointed in my thumbs.

Who are your mentors and/or what inspires you and your music?

I’ve been working a bit with my buddy Kris Anderson from South of Roosevelt on some productions. I’ve definitely learned a lot from him about mixing tunes.

What do you find most challenging about the music business today?

The house scene in Chicago is still mostly controlled (obviously) by the OG’s who have been doing it forever, making it kind of tough for younger talent to come up.

What’s the “best thing in life” in your opinion?

Tacos and beer.

What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

I’ve been in a couple car accidents. Scary shit.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Suck toes, eat ass.

The first girl you kissed?

A girl who was also named Sam. Not even joking.

Favorite city to perform?

Right here in Chi-town.

Craziest fan encounter?

Every time Blake Walker buys shots.

Young artist you are impressed by?

Maggs Bruchez

If you could have a super power, what would it be?


Music you listen to when you’re at home?

Lots of downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, and jazz.

Any final words of wisdom and/or advice for our audience?

Investigate inline skating.


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