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Freaky Behaviour’s debut EP “Freakonomics” is now out in stores. Featuring tracks such as ‘Love You Till The Sun Goes Down”, ‘The Mutha Load’ and ‘Trip Switch’. “I’ve been playing Freaky Behaviour’s music for many years now and I’ve been an avid fan of all their works – they have awesome dance floor sensibility and every track is a must have.  Am really happy to have them in the DPR family. Quick shout out to Dimitri at CMS Productions, Belgium and to The Orchard, USA for pulling all this together. Thanks to everyone for all the support.” – Kane Ian. Get the latest news updates from Freaky Behaviour here.

Freaky Behaviour - Freakonomics - Dustpan Recordings


1. Love You Till The Sun Goes Down 2. The Mutha Load 3. Trip Switch

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