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The infamous monthly house music party SOLID TOKYO, has been pumping out the deephouse sounds from the walls of Shibuya’s la Fabrique for the last 6 years. The happy, fun, loving, responsive crowd, sings and dances along from peak to valley, appreciating every blend and eq accent. It’s a djs dream gig and is known around the world as one of those special club nights that you can’t wait to get booked at. SOLID TOKYO will take you on a journey from the wild side to the deeper shades; from New York to Chicago to San Francisco, promising a night of pure, unadulterated grooves‚Ķ

After six years of steadily building to find the perfect balance of good people, great music, and the perfect vibe, SOLID TOKYO is a night to remember and one you cannot miss !!!

SOLID TOKYO featuring TODD OMOTANI (Canada), BRENDON P (Singapore) & KANE IAN (Dustpan Recordings)

For guestlist: email


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