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2017 has been a great year of house music and our latest compilation “Dustpan 2018” presents various artists and tracks from the label doing the ‘biz’ in clubs worldwide now. The compilation features tracks released in 2017 and also earlier classics released in previous years that still sound fresh today.

Our year end compilation consolidates the DJ essentials and biggest records of the moment and the future, presenting them in an unmissable package of full length, unedited, unmixed tracks. With tracks and remixes from the biggest artists in underground house music, including Big Pack, Broham Williams, CCO, DJ LULU & DJ Gas, Ryan Truman, Sam Tyler, Sona, TBF, Funk Mediterraneo, Jam Funk, Juwan Rates, Miguel Palhares, Freaky Behaviour, Sugarcane Family and Kane Ian.


  1. Rain - Big Pack

  2. I Won't Tell Mama - Broham Williams

  3. I Can - CCO Feat. Anthony Poteat

  4. Funky In Here - DJ LULU & DJ Gas

  5. Always Dreaming - Ryan Truman

  6. On The Moon - Sam Tyler

  7. The Beat Freq - Sona

  8. Late Hour - Late Hour

  9. Night And Day (Kane Ian TBC Sunset Mix) - Funk Mediterraneo

  10. 1Velvet hands (Jam Funk Remix) - Funk Mediterraneo

  11. You're The One - Juwan Rates

  12. Lose Myself - Miguel Palhares

  13. Trip Switch - Freaky Behaviour

  14. Orange - Sugarcane Family

Available now from iTunes, Beatport, Traxsource.


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