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Alex Augello is a funky/deep/jackin house DJ and Producer from Sciacca, Italy. His passion for music began at the age of 12, when he learned to play drums. Years later his love for music grew when he joined various local Blues and Rock bands. In 1996 he started a musical project called Minerva, and in 2004 produced a pop/rock album with the band Zetazero. Discovering the disco scene, his passion for music transformed and he knew that his calling was to produce dance rhythms. To Alex, House music is an expression of life itself.

To date, Alex has releases on labels such as Greenhouse Recordings, Clean House Music, Hub City Music, FLC Records, Pin Up Recordings, Mercado Paralelo Music, Midwest Hustle, Round House, Tastie Music, Mighty Perverts Records, Serial Sickness; Funk Mansion, Twins Mansion, Aspect Audio, Craic House Recordings, Grand Theft Audio Recordings, Meltin Funk Records, Juiced Music, Black n' Pink Music, Drizzle Music, Dirty Monkey Recordings, Flosshatt Digital, Cabbie Hat Recordings, 10inch-dogg records, Dustpan Recordings - and many more.



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