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Gaps has been heavily involved in the underground music scene since the early nineties, whether as a dj, mc, promoter or just a straight up clubber!

Fiercely eclectic, his musical journey has taken him from mc’ing on sound systems in and around London, where he would lend vocals to dancehall, hip hop, drum and bass, soul and a particularly notable house and garage career, to battle rapping with a hip hop crew in underground clubs, to being a vocalist in an infamous funk/punk, ska/rock band, managed by a pre fame Ricky Gervais!

However, it was the early, underground sounds of House music that provided Gaps with a true home. Swapping the mic for the decks in the mid nineties, he has gone on to play for many of the top clubs and promoters in the UK and abroad, as well as on numerous pirate radio stations. The last few years have been spent in the studio, honing his sound, which takes in influences from his bumpy dj style; merging dance floor orientated dubby soul, jacked up latin and afro beats and deep techno grooves.

With underground releases under his solo Gapswon moniker, and a barrage of collaboration work in the pipeline, expect to hear more on a dance floor near you!



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