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Salvo Garà, better known by his stage name Garas, hails from the vibrant city of Crotone. As a young enthusiast, Garas embarked on his musical journey, spinning his first records in the most esteemed clubs of Calabria. His undeniable talent and passion for music propelled him to new heights, placing him on the crest of the wave in renowned venues such as Atmosfera, Tortuga, Moma, Kahlua, Sixth Sense, The Club, Zen Club, Villa Fellini, Scogliera, and Il Blu.

While basking in the success of his DJ career, Garas also delved into the realm of music production. In 2017, he made a decisive leap, channeling his creative energy into crafting his own unique soundscapes. With an innate ability to infuse diverse elements and genres, Garas began shaping his signature style, captivating audiences with his infectious beats and dynamic compositions.


Garas's remarkable discography stands as a testament to his talent and versatility in the music industry. Notably, his chart-topping hits like 'Slow Down' with Martina Budde on Groovy Firehorse 66 and 'All Lies' with Tom Leeland featuring Morris Revy on Loyal House Records have solidified his position as a serious house music producer. These tracks have resonated with audiences worldwide, reaching the pinnacle of musical success and leaving an indelible mark on the charts.

Remaining true to his artistic vision, Garas fearlessly embraces the ever-evolving nature of house music. He constantly pushes boundaries, unafraid to experiment with new sounds and styles, resulting in consistently captivating performances and enthralling productions. With each release, he sets dancefloors ablaze, infusing his tracks with infectious energy that inspires both listeners and fellow artists. As he embarks on the next chapter of his career, the world eagerly awaits the sonic adventures that Garas will undoubtedly unveil, as he continues to capture the hearts and souls of house music lovers everywhere.






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