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Currently operating in Dallas, Texas – J. Caprice is an active house music producer and DJ. Co-owner of ‘Juiced Music’, and owner of ‘H.A.R.D.’; one of underground dance music’s premier record labels known for consistency, pushing boundaries, and releasing quality house music to the international market since 2009. With an impressive catalog of releases on various labels such as House 4 Life, Cabbie Hat Recordings, Caliber Sounds, Well Hung Music, Blue Town Records, and Doin’ Work Records dating back to 2006, J.Cap’s story is a good one…

In 2008 J.Cap teamed up with close friend and fellow producer/DJ, 4Peace, to form the artist duo known as ‘High Maintenance’; a project which manifested the combined talents of J.Cap and 4Peace in the form of digital releases and live performances, and resulted in establishing both as mainstays in dance music. As a solo-producer, J.Cap has found his niche and honed in on his sound; finding his tracks in various Top 100 charts, international DJs Top-Ten playlists, and a steady stream of requests for both original and remixing work.

Originally hailing from Indiana, J.Cap began spinning in 1996 –fast forward to the present– having performed gigs in various cities across the U.S. and headlining with some of the biggest names in the industry, and you’ll find a seasoned veteran behind the decks in the House Music scene.



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