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Jon Anthoni - Is a Bay Area based DJ/Producer who migrated to Sacramento, Ca in the early 2000's, he was introduced to the underground electronic music scene back in the early 90's and began DJ'ng in 1997. Being brought up on several different styles of music like soul, r&b, funk and latin jazz by his musician father along with playing different types of percussion as a teenager really molded his sound into what it is today. For almost 2 decades his funky, jazzy,  jackin house sound has been heard all over Northern Ca, with several stops in L.A., San Diego, Scottsdale AZ and Washington D.C. where he has been very fortunate to play alongside some of the most influential DJ/Producers in the world.

After an extended hiatus away from the underground music scene he returned in the later part of 2014 to once again pursue his passion for music. Tossing his hat into the production ring, he has released music on such labels as Jump Recordings, Cabbie Hat, Seventy Four, Mikita Skyy, Chicago Skyline Records as well as his own personal label Nine Sixteen Muzik which he launched in 2020.






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