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Natasza began DJ-ing in 1996. She was fast to move from the confines of her home to playing in clubs. During those years, she was among the first women to DJ in Poland. Her first steps were in Silesian clubs, where she hypnotized and moved the crowds with house music. In 1999 she decided to move to the Austrian capital of Vienna. There, her musical style evolved and developed even further. Her picky, yet very demanding taste for music achieved its peak. However, spinning records was not the end of Natasza’s abilities. Along with Oscar, a.k.a. Oscarsix, she began producing and recording tracks.

Oscarsix can trace the beginnings of his musical involvement to a party at Kunstwerk club in Vienna. He realized the sounds he was hearing and “feeling” created a very interesting effect. During one of the parties he attended, Oscar met DJ UEZ. Together they began playing at various spots located in the Austrian capital. One day, Oscar decided to travel to Krakow, Poland, where he was born. There, he would attempt to throw parties. After contacting DJ MK Fever, a respected local DJ, the first party was scheduled to take place at club Krzysztofory in Krakow. The event was very successful and soon they began organizing parties at clubs such as Zwiazkowiec, Grodzka 8, Zelazna, Underdiskox, etc. In 1998, Oscar met Natasza, with whom he played at many events in Poland.

Natasza&Oscarsix put their DJ careers on hold in 1999 due to college, but never lost their fascination with electronic music. During those years they created a serious collection of vinyl records and an even greater nostalgia for the music scene. In 2002, along with Simon LeBon, they created an international collective of DJ’s, artists, and producers called Project East. This organization brought together people not only from Europe, but also Australia and the United States. In mid 2004, the collective seized to exist. In September 2004, Natasza and Oscarsix introduced a new international label called PE! Music, which concentrated on producing underground house records. Their first release came out in early 2005. “One Day” was an original track along with remixes by DJ Freestyle (Aus), Bill Payer (UK), and Patrick Kong (A). Their next release in mid 2005, titled “Ulla-La” was the result of their collaboration with the legendary Polish jazz vocalist Urszula Dudziak. The third EP, containing singles from Vernon & DaCosta, DelCosta & PedroGoya, Jacob and Natasza & Oscarsix, came out in 2006. In late 2006, Natasza & Oscarsix won an international remix contest for No Assembly Firm’s “Ghetto Fab”, organized by Uniform Recordings (USA).

In January 2007, they also released a remix for the Hungarian label – I Love Deep Records (Budai & Vic – I Feel You Closer). The current year will undoubtedly bring new releases from the Austrian duo. Among those will be the EP Natasza & Oscarsix – Project 06(Planet East Music). This label belongs to the legendary house producer Alexander East. Also, they will be part of a sampler to be released by Uniform Recordings (USA). Their sets often appear on Undergroundhouse, one of the more established internet platforms representing underground house music.

Natasza & Oscarsix have been loyal representatives of the underground house music scene in eastern Europe by organizing events with artists like: DJ Raoul (Swirl People), Joey Youngman, Vernon & DaCosta, Johnny Fiasco, DelCosta & Pedro Goya, DJ Freestyle, Asad Rizvi, Tom Gillieron, Lil’ Mark, Jef K, Thomas di Matteo, Kelvin K, Bjorn Wilke, Al Bradley, Jacob, Grant Dell, Urszula Dudziak, Bill Payer, DJ Harry, David Duriez, Tim Paris, Amir Javasoul, Patrick Pulsinger, Kaliber 44, and Andy Compton(The Rurals). Their styles are: Chicago House, Jackin’ House, Deep House, Tech House



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