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Deep and funky. That’s the soundscape Nathan Stewart has been crafting to perfection for over a decade now. His signature style of house blends elements of soothing melodies, vibrant funk and soulful vocals. With an unmatched flair, he brings this sonic combination full force to the dance floor.

Hailing from Central Texas, DJ/Producer Nathan Stewart got his start in Houston at the start of the millennium with one of its legendary house music club nights, Dedicated. Since then, he’s been fine tuning his DJ skills alongside leading house music artists like Inland Knights, Jay West, Fred Everything, DJ Heather, Colette, JT Donaldson, Jay-J and Chris Lum.

By 2007, Nathan was honing in on a sexy sound of his own. That year brought his first release, “Talk About It”, with Daniel Allen as Backseat Bingo and since then he’s garnered a great deal of attention with his original tracks and remixes on notable labels like Kolour Recordings, Headset Recordings, Llama Farm, 6th Sense and Soul Fuel to name a few. He occasionally teams up with various producers, like Daniel Allen and also William Bowers as “Sir Stewart & The Boss Tweed”.

Always exploring a new musical scenery while remaining true to his house music roots, Nathan Stewart consistently displayed why he is a fixture in the Texas house music community.



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