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A producer, remixer and Dj who has lived and breathed the raw sound of  house by spinning records and creating music since his early teens. He  has various appearances at some of the finest nightclubs and festivals  in his hometown and the wider region of the country.

His craft, as a music producer, includes experimenting with sounds and  other production techniques along with expressing his combo skills to  many of today's musical forms. Phaze Dee's most recent remixes and  original tracks have been released on some of the most distinctive and  respective record labels worldwide.

Phaze Dee has been in the game for over a decade and built a solid  reputation about his excessive work perseverance. His music style can be described as a blend of deep and soulful House. Warm synth chords over  deep hypnotic grooves is one of the key elements in Phaze Dee's  productions, always by keeping the main focus on the consistency of  quality. Deep rhythms and crunchy beats are combined in a way that his  productions become the perfect choice for any deep and late night dj set, guaranteed to cause a riot on the dance floor.





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