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The Candy Dealers were born the moment two friends stepped into the studio together and decided to fuse their very different backgrounds in the pursue of originality and creativity.

Both Argentinian born Christian Malloni and Pablo Sabetta aka Jay West had their respective breakthroughs into the dance music scene not too long ago, but they both made a huge impact by releasing lots of well-received material in some of the most prestigious labels in the industry.

Jay West has been growing fast and becoming a household name for everyone involved in the new underground house music global movement. His originality, groove and funk in both his productions and his live performances rocketed him fast into the global house elite and he´s been one of the most solicited names in venues all over the world. He has toured all 5 continents in 2007 and keeps his schedule busy with consistent releases in some of the best labels in the business like Drop Music, Lowdown, Agave or Flavor, his own UK-based imprint.

Christian Malloni has been a busy man too, with his alias CPM he released several groundbreaking eps and albums in labels like Proton Music, Eight-Tracks, Flavor and remixing artists like Derek Howell, Switch, Jay West, Jeff Bennett or Ross Couch, which have been supported by the biggest artists in the media like Hernan Cattaneo or Randall Jones amongst others.



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