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15 Years of Dustpan Recordings – Compiled by Kane Ian

15 Years of Dustpan Recordings – Compiled by Kane Ian

We celebrate the label’s 15th year anniversary with a digital compilation titled “15 Years of Dustpan Recordings” compiled by Kane Ian. A total of 38 tracks, Ian has selected tracks from the label’s 15 year history and features 2022 remasters of Uneaq’s “This Is Jazz (JT Donaldson Remix) and Lurob's “Pull The Shades” featuring LCC (Left Coast Commission) – previously released in 2008 and 2018 respectively, and an unreleased deep house track by Ian titled “For You” which he wrote during the height of the pandemic.

In addition to celebrating the label's 15th anniversary, the compilation is also dedicated to those who have lost their lives to the pandemic, as represented by the use of white in the cover artwork which symbolises our solidarity. This release is also dedicated to the front line personnel, medical staff, and policy makers who are braving and fighting through these difficult times, we can’t thank you enough for your selflessness and courage.

A capsule of two different collectable t-shirts has also been released to celebrate the milestone which includes the white cover design and a green colour version. Both versions are available in black and white t-shirts with the names of all the artists featured on the compilation and is available for purchase from the store now, in very limited quantities. Visit the store here.

15 Years of Dustpan Recordings – Compiled by Kane Ian


  1. Time Travel - Alex Michos

  2. We Can Dance - DJ LULU & DJ Gas

  3. Horizon - Ed Nine

  4. Grooves At Midnight (Cyril Yarisantos Deep Fried Dub) - Juwan Rates

  5. This Is Jazz (JT Donaldson Remix) (2022 Re-Master) - Uneaq

  6. Pull The Shades (2022 Re-Master) - Lurob Feat. LCC

  7. Come On In The 21's (AILY Remix) - CCO

  8. Fall Into The Music (TOKITA Remix) - Terry Jasinto

  9. 2 AM - Freudenthaler

  10. Apply Gain - Angelo Ferreri

  11. Funk Mediterraneo & Rio Soldierman - Do It

  12. Lost Love - Trevor Vichas & Jamar Hughes

  13. Showdown - Jam Funk

  14. SD For The Win - Demarkus Lewis

  15. Back In - Jon Iler

  16. Deep Is Back - G Spice & Nec SFS Feat. Nick Bumbaris

  17. Sunset Sherbz - Lipptrixx

  18. For You - Kane Ian

  19. Sanfrancisco Soundbite - JoBu

  20. Listen To Me - Dave Allison

  21. Love It - J-Fader

  22. Magic Acid (Ed Nine Chi Trip Remix) - Broham Williams

  23. Groove On Lock - Sam Tyler

  24. Only Teasing - Gapswon

  25. West Coast Gang (LeDeep Remix) - Nec SFS

  26. Jiujitsu - Some Too Suspect

  27. Oolbit - Chanson E

  28. Jackin Spuma Side A - Spuma

  29. Oh Baby - Thano Vessi

  30. Chicago With Love - Burnside

  31. Smart Ghetto - J Sweet

  32. What Baby - Miguel Palhares

  33. Sunset Gruv - Ketel Juan

  34. Hool-Yo - Freaky Behaviour

  35. Soul Groove - Big Pack

  36. Flicker - Taank Moog

  37. Where To - (DJ Passion Remix) - Max Verrier

  38. Thinking About You - Ryan Truman

Available now at all online dance music stores or from these recommended stores here.


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