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Check out our latest playlist on our YouTube channel, titled "Discover Dustpan Recordings: Community-Created Videos". This new compilation features videos from content creators worldwide, showcasing tracks from Dustpan Recordings - encompassing over 200 videos at the time of compilation. Visit our YouTube channel for the full playlist.

We extend our gratitude to everyone supporting our music! Often, artists are unaware of who's playing their music, so these videos offer them a form of recognition for their craft. Documented instances like parties, DJ mixes, commercials, fashion shows, talk shows, house music dance-offs, streetwear stores, gamers enjoying music, impromptu car rides with friends grooving to our tunes, even wildlife videos - these glimpses are truly special. We feel blessed to witness these moments and thank you for sharing them with the world. Knowing our music brings joy to you is heartwarming, and we can only imagine the countless undocumented moments as well as those yet to be captured and shared.

These videos serve as inspiration for us to keep delivering exceptional house music. In a world overshadowed by conflict and suffering, preserving our innocence and fostering peace, unity, and compassion is crucial. House music binds us together, a sentiment vital in times like these. If any of these videos resonate with you, consider following the respective channels. Thank you immensely for your support! Here are just a few among the countless videos. Enjoy! - Warm regards, Kane Ian, Dustpan Recordings

Korea House Dancer TAESUNG of Gorilla Crew [Ground Force Battle], featuring "Less Conversation" by Chemars (Uploaded by TaeSung Higgs on 28th June, 2013).

Meriva Club Live, featuring "Ol' Sam" by High Maintenance (Uploaded by Christian Fernandez on 22nd May 2010).

Mark Farina - Live at Sneak's Birthday Beats, featuring "All That House" by T.B.F (Uploaded by Mixtape Magic on 2nd July, 2014).

Shark’s Sharp Teeth, featuring "Sealife" by CCO (Uploaded by Akanksha Mishra on 26th October, 2023).

Techno in the streets of Germany, Heidelberg, Liebesstein featuring "We Can Dance" by DJ LULU & DJ Gas (Uploaded by Nomad DJ MOSSOS on 17th July, 2023).

Week 1 Floor Module (Some freestyle and trying to do floorwork), featuring "State of Affairs" by Juwan Rates (Uploaded by Mini Bhandula on 2nd January, 2022).

Jackin House DJ Set - November 2023, featuring "Jazz Dreaming" by Stranger Danger (Uploaded by Late Night Cuts on 25th November, 2023).

Houseed Dj Set en Amuleto por Lobo Presenta, featuring "Soul Groove" by Big Pack (Uploaded by Lobo PresentaMx on 23rd April, 2019).

Black Fashion Week Paris 2014, featuring "Rewind" by Miguel Palhares (Uploaded by Crea TV on 11th November, 2014).

Ezzy E Live at The Groove Conductors Journey 2023, featuring "My Business" by Jam Funk (Uploaded by Lobo PresentaMx on 16th May, 2023).

L'endroit mars 2015 Vid, featuring "Apply Gain" by Angelo Ferreri (Uploaded by Lionel Fonta on 3rd April, 2015).

Low Steppa Presents Boiling Point Show 03, featuring "New Joint" by Jam Funk (Uploaded by Low Steppa on 1st July, 2019).

Discover Dustpan Recordings: Community-Created Videos

Discover community-created videos with music from Dustpan Recordings.

A fan of Dustpan Recordings and want your video showcased? Send us your video url through our contact form available here.


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