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DR192 - Tony Deledda Feat. Poetic Leestar - Enter Your Soul (Incl. Max Palmer Remix) -  Dustpan Recordings

DR192 - Tony Deledda Feat. Poetic Leestar - Enter Your Soul (Incl. Max Palmer Remix) -  Dustpan Recordings

Issue DR192 presents DJ/producer Tony Deledda from Naples, Italy with his deep house single "Enter Your Soul". The track features the voice of South African poet/spoken word artist, Poetic Leestar and includes a deep soulful house remix by fellow Italian DJ/producer, Max Palmer (IRMA Dancefloor, King Street Sounds, Robotical Grooves).

Since the 90's, Tony has been busy both in the touring and studio front and with memorable releases on labels such as Universal Language, Urban Gorillazy, Soulstar Records, Little Angel Records, Plastik Digital and Eightball Records.

Available worldwide now for download and stream from these stores.


1. Enter Your Soul (Original Mix) [6:03]

2. Enter Your Soul (Max Palmer Remix) [5:20]


Tony Deledda began his DJ journey in 1990, and since then, his style, technique, and notoriety have consistently grown. His unmistakable style, always accompanied by lively percussion, has taken him to perform in various locations, including Switzerland and London. He has been a resident DJ at 'DOCSHOW' in Bologna since 2004.

A lover of sophisticated Deep House and influenced by Old School Sounds, he transmits unique emotions to even the most attentive audience, producing an exclusive and personal sound. He produces for several record labels, including Tony Records, Soulstar Records, Little Angel Records, Soulstice Music, Pure Beats Records, Mazoom Lab Records, Desu Records, Veksler Records, Rebel Records, Mamaluca Records, Kattivo Records, Barrel House Recordings, Plastik People Recordings, Party Pizza Music, Dream Factory Music, Sonambulos Muzic, Sins Records, Moiss Music, Shamkara Records, Crooks & Villains Records, Listeners Room Records, Pina Colada Records, Soul Room Records, Meaculpa Records, Album Only Records, Astrolife Records, Manuscript Records, Gents & Dandy's Records, Barking Mad Music, Album Only, Major Underground, Delve Deeper Recordings, Groovy Riddim, Dustpan Recordings and Eightball Records.

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Poetic Leestar is a female poet and spoken word artist from South Africa. She infuses her poetry with music, specifically house music, providing a delightful taste to show that poetry is not one-dimensional. She embarked on her musical journey in 2019, releasing her debut EP, "Stimulus Note", and has been an active presence in the house scene ever since. In 2021, she unveiled her third EP, titled "Sensual Pleasure", featuring different artists and producers collaborating to create a beautiful work of art. Poetic Leestar has collaborated with major labels such as Union Records, Seville Records, Trusted Rhythm Records, Dustpan Recordings and many more.

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As a child, I have always had a deep love for music. I would spend countless hours engrossed in the melodies emanating from my father's small radio. This early exposure to music ignited a flame within me, setting the stage for a lifelong passion. In the early 90's, I embarked on a journey as a DJ, gracing the decks of various clubs.

The vibrant atmosphere and the power to move a crowd through music fascinated me.

It was during this time that I discovered my affinity for House music, and together with a group of talented individuals, we delved into the production of our own House tracks. Our collective efforts bore fruit, as our songs began garnering recognition and acclaim. To immerse myself further in this world that consumed me, I sought opportunities in both local and national radio stations. Working alongside seasoned professionals allowed me to deepen my understanding of the music industry and refine my skills.

It was an enriching experience that honed my craft and expanded my horizons. Despite a significant hiatus from music, the allure and love for the artform never waned. It beckoned me back, compelling me to dust off my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and venture into the realm of Deep House once again. To my delight, it didn't take long for the fruits of my labor to manifest in the form of positive feedback and promising results. The driving force behind my music-making journey has always been passion. It is the flame that continues to burn bright within me, fueling my creativity and dedication. As long as I possess the strength and vigor, I am resolved to continue making music, pouring my heart and soul into every composition. In each of my songs, I strive to infuse a profound sense of emotion, believing that it has the power to touch the depths of the listener's soul. This connection, this ability to evoke feelings, is something I hold dear and consider an integral part of my musical expression. I remain steadfast in my commitment to music, nurturing my passion every single day of my life. It is an unwavering devotion that propels me forward, driving me to create music that resonates and leaves an indelible mark on those who experience it.

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