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Dust Notes - Dustpan Recordings
Dust Notes (Gavin Anthony Page and Peter Antoniou).

We are pleased to announce that Dustpan Recordings will be releasing the debut album of Dust Notes on June 2nd, 2023. Titled "Astro Bistro", the album features nine deep house tracks and also features the vocals of singer-songwriter, Klair Quest. The album will be available for digital download, online streaming and collector's edition double LP vinyl.

Dust Notes - Dustpan Recordings
Dust Notes at The Box, Ministry of Sound, UK.

Best friends since childhood, Gavin Anthony Page and Peter Antoniou, the duo behind Dust Notes, have spent many years in the UK underground scene as DJs, promoters, label owners, and dedicated party-goers.

Their DJ career has seen them become regulars in places like Ministry of Sound, Pacha, The Egg (amongst many other esteemed venues in the UK and abroad), typically heading up the back rooms, a more natural fit for their deep, bumpy, groove-infused take on house music.

The last few years have seen them take a break from their regular DJ antics to concentrate on their new production moniker, Dust Notes, which has already led to releases on Bon Appetit Records, House Cookin', Do It Now Recordings and Deep Stitched.

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