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Greenbay Jackers - Here For It EP - Dustpan Recordings #DR179

The latest Dustpan Recordings release is a brand new record titled "Here For It EP" from the Greenbay Jackers, featuring the Paka Project. Includes three deep, jazzy, funky and jackin' house music titles such as Dance Shuffle, Intruder Alert (Paka Project Mix) and Paia Bay. Fans of Andrew Macari, Toka Project, Guided Methods and labels such as Greenhouse Recordings, Dufflebag Recordings, Shaboom Records, Drop Music and Low Pressings are in for a treat. Available now from these recommended stores.


1. Dance Shuffle [6:12]

2. Intruder Alert (Paka Project Mix) [7:30]

3. Paia Bay [7:30]

Greenbay Jackers - Here For It EP - Dustpan Recordings #DR179

English DJ-Producer Andrew Macari (aka Greenbay Jackers, Paka Project, Deep South Playaz, Filter Flow, Guided Methods) who continues to define his career with a growing discography, superb turntable skills and his well-established record labels Greenhouse Recordings and more recent labels, Tastie Music, Jack Locker.

His producing efforts span a wide variety of House styles including Deep, Jackin and Chicago as apart of Toka Project on Viva Recordings, Transport Recordings and Filterflow Recordings & Greenbay Jackers on many Jackin house labels such as Flapjack, Emby, etc.

His DJ sets are as varied and characterized by intense energy and long, well-executed mixes. This multi-talented artist has been sowing the seeds of his musical success for over thirty years.

“Beats so solid and upfront you could park your car on top … Top-shelf deep house with a tough dancefloor core”

– Jockey Slut

“Tracks by Macari have been rocking parties in various cities…”

– Mark Farina, Time Out London

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