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Kane Ian @ E-Tracx Tenth Anniversary Party – Blujaz Singapore

DJ Kane Ian will be performing at E-Tracx Tenth Anniversary Party. We look forward to seeing you there.

E-TracX DJ Skool turns 10 this year, and we would not be who we are now, without the ardent support of our friends and family for the past decade. Hence, we are throwing a party to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

This year, thanks to the support from our friends, we have managed to put together a special line-up for the night, comprising of various heavyweight DJs the scene has to offer. With their experience on the decks, and dropping an eclectic mix of genres, ranging from Funk/Soul, Reggae, Drum & Bass to Electronic, it would definitely be a party that is not to be missed.

So, please do drop by if you are free, be it to chill, catch up, or just to let your hair down and let loose. We would love to see all of you there. The event is open to one and all, so tell your friends, and your friend’s friends, and we truly hope that you can join us for our anniversary. Thank you! – E-TracX

Event Info here

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