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KANE IAN – SUPERMODELME.TV LAUNCH PARTY @ MIMOLETTE will debut on 16 June 2009 will stretch over 20 episodes and be broadcast online twice a week. The online reality series will showcase the ups and downs that aspiring models encounter in their professional careers – from dealing with the thrilling and glamorous but unforgiving demands of the fashion industry, to the bonding sessions or brash disputes with the other models. Viewers will be kept thoroughly entertained as one model is eliminated each week until the winning model is chosen out of the Final Three.

Venue: Mimolette, 55 Fairways Drive Date: 12th June 2009 Time: 10pm to 3am.

DJs: In the main room: Kane Ian, Neill Brown, Kane Juan and Seng Wei 12am-close Wayne (Juice) 10-12am JNR (Mimolette) 8-10pm

In the BeatParlor: DJ Paul Silver playing Trybe (Hip Hop & RnB)

Email us to be on the guest list:


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