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Kenny Summit - Compact Disco - Dustpan Recordings

Dustpan Recordings artist, Kenny Summit has just launched his new micro-club called Compact Disco in downtown Monterey, USA. Having just opened on Friday, July 21st, in the Californian city, the club will host daytime listening sessions on its custom, in-ceiling sound system, as well as club nights powered by a more dance floor-focused system. There will be strict policies around no requests and no phones. Compact Disco's founder, Kenny Summit, was mentored by Frankie Knuckles and has collaborated with Giorgio Moroder and DJ Kool Herc. He said the club plans on booking both local and international DJs who play Chicago house, Detroit techno, Philly soul, Italo disco, bossa nova and more. "I've never been to a venue solely dedicated to house music—a place where every time the doors open you're guaranteed to hear quality house," he told Resident Advisor. "I've designed this room around a custom sound system, components made up of various manufacturers tweaked to my liking. I've built cubbies and bass traps into the walls and the decor is designed specifically to compliment the sound in a way where folks will be able to talk at the bar, while the small dance floor receives the full impact of the system." Compact Disco also wants to roll out a membership plan with exclusive events, an extended food menu, road trips and partnership programmes with other local businesses. Read the full article on Resident Advisor.

DJ Colette & Kenny Summit / I Love House Music @ Compact Disco - Dustpan Recordings

Their latest event features DJ Colette (Candy Talk, Sublevel, Om Records, Classic Music Co) as well as Kenny Summit at Compact Disco this November 3rd, 2023. Event details are available on Resident Advisor.

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