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Join us again this Friday for the next installment of Plush! This weekend’s event promises to be extra special as Mimolette is also hosting A NICE SET SINGAPORE – a “customized DJ slipmat POP-UP exhibition”

About PLUSH:

PLUSH is a night that represents chicness in its music and following. Hosted by 4 eclectic DJs – Seng Wei, Kane Ian, Kane Juan, Neill Brown; collectively they have performed at all 4 corners of the world from Punta del Este (Uruguay) to Miami (US), Cairo (Egypt) to Sydney (Australia). Like the name implies, Plush promises to deliver a night of lush house beats, justaposed with the opulent and lavish setting of Mimolette.

“House, Deep, Minimal, Progressive, Electro”

DJs: Kane Ian (Dustpan, Clean House, Trendy Mullet, Blockhead) 11pm to 12am set! Seng Wei (Eclesia Records) Kane Juan (Dustpan) Neill Brown

Guestlist only. Please email all names (including surname) to us at !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


33 artists from around the world were invited to design one of a kind sets of slip mats for a touring exhibition and book which would explore the way visual art and music hang together. The show was curated by Plus et Plus, and conceptualized in collaboration with The Reed Space. The book is published by IDN and includes interviews with a selection of DJs –



33 international artists + 33 Australian artists + 33 singapore artists + 3 djs + 1 book in a mobile exhibition in 3 different spaces –


For more info on A NICE SET SINGAPORE:


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