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Sunday March 21st at Lanai we will be saying Good Bye to 2010’s SXSW festivities! BUT the fun will not stop after Saturday night… We are putting together something special just for all you “industry'” folks. Brought to you by the good folks at Lanai &

Calling all DJs, bartenders, lighting crew, sound techs, bar/restaurant managers, busboys, Expo’s, parking attendants and so on… come and relax at REVIVAL!

Starting at 2pm Sunday afternoon, we will have catered finger foods, massage chairs, and our specially designed ” Hangover Station ” – Red Bull has generously donated enough Red Bull to have a heard of African Zebras run across the entire Sahara dessert. The ” Hangover Station ” will be stocked with all your favorite ailments to cure the common hang over: Red Bull, Bloody Mary mix, veggies & spices, Emergency and so on. So, come early for great drink specials and food to put in your gut! There will be drink specials for Industry folks ALL day long. They will change up periodically through out the day.

Bringing you the best Down Tempo, Down Beat, House & Techno Music… we have lined up some of the best DJs through out Texas and the country!


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