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Rory Northall - The High Life EP  -Dustpan Recordings #191

Rory Northall - The High Life EP  -Dustpan Recordings #191

DR191 features DJ and producer, Rory Northall from Walsall, England, presenting his release titled "The High Life EP", featuring tracks 'Sweet Sticky Green' and 'The Pick Up'.

With a DJ career that spans since 1992, Rory has consistently released quality house music on renowned labels such as Cross Section Music, Midwest Hustle, Treasured Grooves, Frosted Recordings, Native Soul Recordings, Juiced Music, Greenhouse Recordings, Jump Recordings, and more. His music seamlessly combines disco filtered grooves and raw tracky house elements - creating smooth, bumpy house vibes for the dance floor. Enjoy!

During the two-week exclusive pre-release period, 'Sweet Sticky Green' secured the fifth position among the most downloaded tracks on the Traxsource Top 10 Jackin House charts.

Available worldwide now for download and streaming from these stores.

Tracklist: 1. Sweet Sticky Green [6:27] 2. The Pick Up [6:30]


Rory Northall - Dustpan Recordings

Rory Northall, a maestro of House beats hailing from Walsall, England, born in '78, crafts his signature Chicago/Jackin House sound that echoes his musical upbringing in the realm of jazz and funk, thanks to his saxophonist father.

In '92, Rory's love for hip hop and street art drew him into the DJ world at a youth center. Overcoming financial hurdles, he hustled studio time, scoring his turntables in '96 with a nod from his dad. Rory's journey into house music began in '96, fueled by the infectious mix from Masters at Work, blending soul, funk, and disco seamlessly.

The 2000s brought Rory inspiration from Daft Punk and the French filtered disco house scene. By 2011, he stepped into music production, dropping beats across diverse labels. Notably, his track 'Sweet Sticky Green,' released on Dustpan Recordings in Singapore, made waves in 2024, snagging the fifth spot in the most downloaded tracks on the Traxsource Top 10 Jackin House charts. This achievement solidified Rory's presence on the global house music stage.

Rory's global fanbase flourished through his DJ sets, productions, and even his graffiti artwork, making artistic contributions to various label releases, showcasing his dynamic and multidimensional talent.

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