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Sam Tyler @ Pamplemousse - Liaison Room, Philadelphia USA (August 26th, 2023)

Dustpan Recordings artist, Sam Tyler performs in Philadelphia, USA tonight at the Liaison Room, Saturday, August 26th 2023, presented by Emby. More info here.

"This past Pamplemousse party w/ Nah Mean? was a doozy! Thanks again, all, for coming out and vibing heavy with us. It was a special night for everyone involved.

And onto the next! This month we're very pleased to throw our end-of-summer super soirée. We'll be bringing in one of our favorite producers (and all around good pal), Sam Tyler, all the way from Chicago. Sam's a prolific producer with releases on a handful of international labels including Closer to Truth, Dustpan, Moiss, Elevated, Subcommittee, and even two Philly labels, Say Less Music & the Pamplemousse party's very own emby. Our love for Chicago house music is what inspired us to DJ and to start throwing parties in our beautiful city and we couldn't be more stoked to continue showing our love and appreciation by keeping the Philly-Chicago connection going strong & as per usual, don’t forget to RSVP for reduced cover." – Pamplemousse & Emby Music

At the Liaison Room at Front Street Cafe Intimate space. Good vibes. Quality folks. Bumpy sounds.

*** featuring the sounds of *** Sam Tyler emby, Say Less, Dustpan, Closer to Truth

& your friendly hosts: Maggs Bruchez (Pamplemousse & emby)


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