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Stranger Danger - Jazz Is Life EP - Dustpan Recordings

Stranger Danger marks his debut on Dustpan with his brand new release titled "Jazz Is Life EP". The release features two deep, jazzy and jackin house tracks such as the toe tapping 'Jazz Dreaming' and the swingy 'Scatty McNatty'. Fans of his other releases on Nurvous, Jump Recordings, Cabbie Hat Recordings, Uniting Souls, Dufflebag, Doin Work Records, Panhandle Records and Moulton Music are in for a treat. Enjoy! Available now from these stores.


  1. Jazz Dreaming [6:20]

  2. Scatty McNatty [6:35]

Stranger Danger - Jazz Is Life EP - Dustpan Recordings

Dominic, aka Stranger Danger, has been a part of the underground music scene since the early 90s. Going from house dancer, to promoter, to DJ, and now producer, Danger has followed a natural progression of those who love house music.

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