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Francesco Carrieri - Konyta EP - Dustpan Recordings Web

Dustpan Recordings welcomes our latest addition to the family – Francesco Carrieri!

Francesco is no newcomer to the scene. With a string of notable releases on labels such as Chillin Music, SLiCK Records, Tecnove and Crossworlder, he now showcases his prowess behind the production desk with “Konyta EP” on Dustpan Recordings.

The EP features 3 original tracks by Francesco Carrieri and a remix from label boss, Kane Ian.

“Focal Point (Original Mix)”

Break-beat drum patterns work its charm with a wicked bubbly sub-bass and layers of sustained and pulsating warm pad sounds to create a dreamy moodscape, through which one can almost visualize a space shuttle lifting off and astronauts working in space. Beautiful atmospheres are the “Focal Point” in this ambient deep tech piece. Will not be missed out by aficionados of the minimalistic deep tech sounds.

“Focal Point (Kane Ian Remix)”

The remix starts out with a four to the floor kicks, percussions, claps and hi-hats sequence before being joined by the sustained warm pad sound that characterizes Francesco Carrieri’s original. A rolling bassline takes things up a notch, and Ian throws in his own flavor with a tasteful modulation of the sustained atmospheric pad sound, morphing the track with an instantaneous change of vibe before returning to deep rolling grooviness.

“Slash (Original Mix)”

If you like it dark and deep, “Slash” will be right up your alley. Here, Francesco Carrieri serves up a tasty deep tech masterpiece. Atmospheric pads and squelchy riffs partner a laid back groove, thumpy kicks and crisp hi-hats dish out an intense suspense and mystique that one can imagine bobbin’ and groovin’ to in the dark of the night amidst bouts of flashing club lights and lasers. “Slash” is a definite one in the crates of DJs who have a taste for quality deep tech sounds, and one seeing positive reactions in building up sets.

“No (Original Mix)”

Swishes and swashes start off “No” like ocean tides washing up ashore. Spaced out percussions, elastic sine waves and a dubby bassline soon take over to transport listeners off into a sea of tranquility, a sea yearning to be explored. Cleverly placed off-kilter filtered rimshots accentuate the track, adding yet another layer of dimension, like ripples in a serene pond. A sure hit with deep tech purveyors looking to add a highly edgy and intelligent vibe in their sets.

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