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We’re excited to announce our new signing of Nu School Chicago House DJ/Producer, Jon Iler. New releases are being set in motion and are to be released soon on Dustpan Recordings, 2012.

Jon in Chicago.

Jon Iler began his musical journey in 07/08 back in Colorado when he began remixing Nine Inch Nails tracks from stem files provided to the public by Trent Reznor. He found that he loved making music electronically, but always felt constrained as an artist, not really knowing WHAT he wanted to make. By the time he turned 15, after spending a lot of time on the internet, he discovered the world of EDM, and he knew what his calling in life was. Shortly after this, Iler relocated to Northwest Indiana, just east of Chicago.

As his passion for the sounds of dance music grew, he began looking for a way that he could start experiencing this music with other people like him that loved this odd form of musical expression. He began learning how to DJ music and started looking for whatever gigs he could find. In 2009 he began a short residency at a teen dance club in Northwest Indiana called Voltage, but found that the mainstream music that was preferred in the club was not even close to what he wanted to be portraying.

Soon after his residency at Voltage, he discovered that there were underground events tailored to his liking, and he began attending these events. After one party, he was hooked, and excited that he had finally found a place he could express himself. The second party he went to (Timeless – World of Source – 2010), he contacted the promoter and asked to be considered for a slot if any DJs were unavailable to play. After rocking a crowd out, he fell in love with the Underground and was given a residency with World of Source productions.

Jon at Zeds Dead. Jon began his DJing career playing Electro and fidget house under the guise of Skoobisnax, but as time progressed he found more and more that the style didn’t suit his tastes, and began searching for a more mature and refined sound. Shortly thereafter, he discovered his love for Tech House, and Chicago’s own Funky/Jackin styles and started to build his collection and slowly integrate it into his sets.

Shortly thereafter, he was picked up by Undaground Elements, one of the few oldschool underground crews still left throwing events, and began to DJ and promote for their events. Jon was given the honor of playing some of the continuations of their most legendary event series such as “Southside Chicago” and “Yoshis World”. Iler has played under the same roof as underground DJ legends such as Phuture 303, Woody McBride, Paul Johnson, Danny the Wildchild, Terry Mullan, Nigel Richards, Robert Armani, and many more. After promoting for a while, he began to form his own crew under the name of Bass Technicians, and began throwing underground events of his own, most notable of which was “I ♥ Techno” done with his brother crew, El Cartel. Later that year, he was also picked up by El Cartel, one of Chicago’s newest and most quickly growing underground promoters. Shortly after that, another one of Chicago’s old crews, TFU (True Family Unit) picked him up as well.

After Iler had finally discovered his sound of choice, he began setting to work in the studio and working on his technical skills. In late 2011 he made connections through different promoters he had been working with and eventually was put in contact with Kane Ian of Dustpan Recordings, a house label based out of Singapore. Kane liked his style, and agreed to begin releasing some of his tracks on the label.

Jon can be seen all over Chicago on a weekly basis either promoting events, or playing them, and interacting with all the partygoers!

Jon Iler on Facebook Jon Iler on Soundcloud


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