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Mr. Pirated arrives in town, smacks us gold on the table with his latest release with us on Dustpan titled “Turk’s Delight EP”. How he found us? Maybe it was that bottle we threw out earlier this year. The two tracker includes “Turk’s Delight” which is a deep dirty groover that will make house jazz fans go crazy with that all so sick trumpet riff. “Are Ya Alright” takes it with the lowdown dancefloor vibe that will inflict mayhem on a dance floor like their rockin’ side to side on a boat out at sea on a stormy night. For trippin, for real, check it out for yaself, Mr. Pirated is slick and sick’. Grab your copy now.


1. Turk’s Delight 2. Are Ya Alright

Available now from these stores: Beatport Juno Stompy


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