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After the successful release of his full track album, “Dreamin” with Dustpan back in August, Spuma is back with his new single titled “Lovin Me” providing a beautiful sonic landscape for all of us to enjoy. “Lovin Me” features Spuma’s elder brother, Luigi on keys who was a former member of the 90’s legendary house music group “Blast” releasing records on labels like Toronto Underground and UMM – If you’re familiar with Blast’s works, their most famous release was “Crazy Man” which was awarded the best dance record in 1994 with 1 million copies sold worldwide.  The single also sees Spuma releasing a jacking dub version of “Lovin Me” and an old school house tip remix by Kane Ian. The fourth and final track sees Spuma tying up the single with “Santa’s Underground” adding a deeper edge vibe to the release and to his rapidly expanding catalogue of fine house music tunes.  “Lovin Me” is now available at Stompy, Traxsource, Beatport, JunoAmazon, iTunes and at any of your favourite online music store.

Spuma - Lovin Me - Dustpan Recordings


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