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After the much success of their 2014 album “Socialite”, the Sugarcane Family are back once again with their new album titled “Introvert”. Featuring 12 new original tracks, the album infuses their trademark atmospheric synth chords, haunting indie folk vocals, paired up with a tinge of acid and underground jack – great for all fans of the deep house spectrum. This album is also released in conjunction with the celebration of Independent Label Week that happens on the same day of the release, 10th November 2015.

Sugarcane Family - Introvert - Dustpan Recordings (574)


1. The Right Time 2. I Saw You See Me 3. On This Day 4. True Love 5. Tussin 6. PJ The Healer 7. Rear View Mirror 8. My House Is Open 9. Music (And I Like It) 10. Your Time Will Come 11. Box Cutter 12. Can You Hear The Way

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About Sugarcane Family

Blake and Sean met in 2009 at a bar in the West Loop of Chicago that they both worked at. They soon discovered that they both had similar likes and taste in regards to the Chicago house music…check out Sugarcane Family’s page and other releases


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