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Sugarcane Family - Socalite - Dustpan Recordings

Dustpan Recordings presents the Sugarcane Family with their debut album “Socialite”. The album is a compilation of twelve deep house tracks featuring titles such as “Bent”, “Cooler In The Shade”, “Liar”, “Make Possible”, “Mango Smoothie”, “Metropolis”, “Mighty Long Time”, “Need You Forever”, “Push”, “Sleaze Keys”, “You Could Be” and “Up In The Air” – spells a galactic journey on a star filled night over the cold barren plains of a savannah, on some unknown planet.

Sugarcane Family is the production moniker of Chicago’s DJ/Producer Blake Walker and Sean Fermoyle. No strangers to the dance music scene, the duo has been DJ-ing in the windy city for several years and is much known for their night “Open House” which showcases DJs and acts from all genres in the House Music spectrum for the past five years. Their individual releases have been responsible for some of the greatest music from labels such as Greenskeepers Music, Vibe Is Wild, Jump Down and Igloo. With much sincerity placed in the music, the album’s art work is designed by the Sugarcane Family themselves featuring the fine work of makeup artist and photographer, Rose Austra.


1) Bent 2) Cooler In The Shade 3) Liar 4) Make Possible 5) Mango Smoothie 6) Metropolis 7) Mighty Long Time 8) Need You Forever 9) Push 10) Sleaze Keys 11) You Could Be 12) Up In The Air

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