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“Funkapo’ The Remixes” drops this week on Dustpan Recordings featuring remixes from Jam Funk, Alex Augello and Funk Mediterraneo. The original self titled album was released on November 7th, 2018 and a remix project was later signed for release on Dustpan featuring a neat little pack of four deep, jacking house grooves for your mixing pleasure.


  1. Sentirsi Liberi (Funk Mediterraneo Deep Remix)

  2. Alieno (Funk Mediterraneo Rmx)

  3. Isola Felice (Jam Funk Remix)

  4. Dimentico Qualcosa (Alex Augello Remix)

Funkapo’ is a live DJ act formed by DJ Carlo Turturici (Funk Mediterraneo) and MC Salvatore Cannella (SK). Their music features a blend of hip hop, funk, disco, pop and groove.

“Funkapo’ The Remixes” is available for download or stream from these recommended stores – Spotify, iTunes, Beatport and Traxsource


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